Connected calculations power high-resolution scope 3 insights


Last updated: 4. Apr 2024

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Normative’s latest update gives businesses the ability to use supplier-specific data in carbon calculations

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As you work to reduce your business’s carbon emissions, data quality will make – or break – your success.

Normative’s latest product update increases the granularity of your supply chain emissions calculations – empowering you to pinpoint opportunities for reduction and closely track your progress over time.

The challenge: using supplier data in carbon calculations

The better you understand your supply chain, the better you can drive targeted decarbonization initiatives at the supplier level. 

This is no secret to enterprise executives and sustainability leaders – 47% of whom want improved visibility into their supply chain emissions, according to Normative’s Carbon Accountability Report 2023.

Generating high-resolution supplier insights requires information and data specific to individual suppliers within your supply chain. Collecting this primary data from your suppliers can be time-consuming and complex. And the challenges don’t stop after data collection: incorporating primary supplier data into your business’s emissions calculations is tricky, and mistakes can result in auditing risks, non-compliance, and misguided business decisions based on faulty data.

Put simply: using supply chain data for carbon calculations has to be done carefully and with scientific rigor.

Normative’s Carbon Network was created to facilitate the collection and exchange of this data. Now, the latest update to the Normative carbon accounting engine builds on this foundation by enabling you to connect your primary supplier data to your carbon calculations. 

The solution: connected supply chain emissions calculations

Normative’s connected calculations help you refine your spend-based emissions calculations with primary data.

The primary data is collected from your supply chain through automated surveys sent to your suppliers (and suppliers that are part of Normative’s Carbon Network can easily re-share data to all of their buyers using Network Accounts). 

Once your suppliers have shared their emissions data, Normative’s carbon accounting engine incorporates the data into its calculation of your businesses’s carbon baseline, giving you a granular scope 3 emissions profile.

The calculations are performed using Normative’s science-backed methodology, which uses a proprietary implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol methodology to provide audit-ready calculations.

The benefits: actionable and audit-ready supply chain insights

Through Normative’s connected calculations, you gain precise and audit-ready supply chain carbon calculations that you can use to drive targeted carbon reductions.

Your granular emissions data is presented in intuitive data visualizations, allowing you to trace your scope 3 emissions to the individual suppliers they originate from. This helps you identify your emissions hotspots at a glance and craft tailored strategies to reduce them. You can also track the progress of this work by comparing your emissions year-on-year to see how your suppliers’ emissions reductions have reduced your organization’s own scope 3 footprint.

These connected calculations are the latest example of Normative’s commitment to providing businesses with precise and actionable carbon accounting. Empower your business to drive sizable scope 3 reductions with Normative – book a demo to learn how!