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Last updated: 22. Jan 2024

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Getting more and more requests for sustainability data from your clients? Network Accounts streamlines your data sharing.

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If your business supplies to other businesses, you may have noticed a growing number of requests for sustainability data from your clients.

These requests come as your clients hasten to stay compliant with expanding reporting legislation and to drive progress toward net zero. Important goals, to be sure – but for your businesses, meeting these requests from multiple clients can mean filling out endless surveys.

Normative’s newly launched Network Accounts simplifies the process of gathering and sharing your emissions data with your clients, freeing up time and ensuring consistency.

Network Accounts is a user-friendly data sharing tool

Built on Normative’s Carbon Network, Network Accounts are designed to streamline the management of emissions data requests from your clients. 

The process begins when a business that you supply to uses Normative’s value chain engagement tool to request your emissions data.

Need to calculate your emissions?

Businesses with fewer than 50 employees can use Normative’s free Business Carbon Calculator to gain an initial estimate of their emissions.

For larger businesses – or businesses that want more granular data – Normative’s comprehensive, science-backed carbon accounting can calculate your full emissions throughout your operations and value chain.

After filling out a survey to share your data, you can use your Network Account to save your data – enabling you to easily refine it with updated information and share it again to meet other requests.

Your Network Account standardizes forms and eliminates extraneous data collection, making it easier for you to provide the necessary information without the hassle of navigating different formats and requirements for each client. 

One upload, infinite sharing

An advantage of Network Accounts is that, after uploading your data once, you can then share it with all the businesses that request it from you. This not only saves time but also ensures that your clients receive consistent and accurate information.

The automation provided by Network Accounts replaces the manual work that has traditionally characterized data collection and sharing – making endless back-and-forth emails a thing of the past.

Why do my clients need to know my emissions?

Your suppliers have requested your emissions data – why is it so important to share?

Your ability to provide accurate emissions data is crucial for your clients to calculate their full emissions.

Often, a significant motivating factor is compliance with ever-expanding carbon reporting legislation. For example: the EU’s CSRD went into effect on January 1st, 2024, and requires businesses to report their supplier emissions.

Moreover, precise data enables your clients to identify and prioritize impactful decarbonization opportunities, accelerating their journeys toward net zero.

As your clients set scope 3 targets – and therefore look to decarbonize their supply chains – you will face increasing pressure to set reduction targets of your own, both to appease your current customers and to stay competitive in the market.

With the introduction of Network Accounts, you now have a powerful tool to manage sustainability data requests efficiently and meet your client’s requests. This not only benefits your clients – it also positions your business as a proactive and reliable partner.

Norican Group uses carbon data to meet customer demands

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