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Last updated: 25. Apr 2024

Normative - Whitepaper

How Normative enables businesses to calculate, report, and reduce their carbon emissions.

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Download the Normative methodology

Normative is sharing its methodology, leading the way to increased transparency in carbon accounting

In a unique move in the industry, we have published a whitepaper on the Normative carbon accounting methodology.

This whitepaper explains in detail the fundamentals of corporate carbon accounting and outlines Normative’s proprietary implementation of the GHG Protocol.

Carbon calculations are only as good as the data and methods used to generate them. By sharing our methodology we aim to provide transparency, further support the auditability of our calculations, and demonstrate how Normative establishes a new level of scientific accuracy in emissions accounting.

Normative’s methodology, in brief

The Normative methodology is built on a proprietary implementation of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and a deep database of emissions factors.

Based in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol-recommended hybrid methodology, Normative’s engine can use both transaction data and activity data in its emissions calculations, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all of a business’s sources of emissions. To achieve the most accurate calculations possible, Normative’s carbon accounting engine selects the best approach depending on the type of data provided by a business.

The engine then uses intelligent automation to process the business data. This includes mapping the data to the Normative taxonomy – an internal classification system – as well as converting units and currencies where needed.

Finally, the engine combines the processed data with Normative’s large database of scientifically-vetted emissions factors to produce emissions calculations across its operations (scope 1), energy usage (scope 2), and value chain (scope 3).

A simplified representation of Normative’s emissions calculation methodology.

These calculations enable businesses to accurately report emissions to legislators, investors, and customers.

In addition, Normative’s data visualization dashboards and expert Climate Strategists help businesses interpret the results of their calculations. The businesses can use these insights to reduce their emissions – including in the value chain – empowering them to fight climate change while unlocking competitive advantages.

Learn more about Normative’s methodology

Our whitepaper gives a detailed explanation of the fundamentals of corporate carbon accounting, and outlines Normative’s proprietary implementation of the GHG Protocol.

Download the methodology whitepaper