How to meet current & future carbon reporting requirements


Last updated: 26. Mar 2024

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Carbon reporting season is here. Is your business prepared?

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EU businesses are preparing their CSRD or SFDR-mandated reports, while those in the UK work to meet the requirements of the SECR. This can only mean one thing: it’s carbon reporting season.

At Normative, we’ve seen from experience that the businesses that treat carbon reporting like a year-round endeavor have the easiest time come reporting season. The sooner you get started, the smoother the process will be. 

And the trend is here: carbon disclosure legislation will only expand to cover more businesses in more regions, going forward. The most savvy businesses are already getting their carbon accounting in shape for future reporting requirements like the US legislation proposed by the SEC.

Start calculating your emissions today to meet the demands of this reporting season, and those ahead.

How does Normative work?

Normative’s carbon accounting uses science-based methods to calculate your full carbon footprint. Once your carbon emissions are calculated, Normative enables you to create reports compliant with existing greenhouse gas reporting requirements – and gives you a head start toward compliance with upcoming legislation. 

Normative’s hybrid model methodology is recommended by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the most widely-used carbon accounting standard. It involves using all of the activity-based data possible, then using spend-based methods to estimate the rest.

Carbon accounting is not only useful for meeting sustainability reporting requirements – it’s also the necessary first step for reducing carbon emissions. 

As the old management adage says: “You can’t measure what you can’t manage.” By measuring your business’s full carbon footprint, you’re gaining the insight you need to minimize your emissions.

Compliance-ready carbon calculations

Normative’s science-backed methodology ensures accurate and comprehensive carbon calculations. One-Click Reporting empowers you to speed through your reporting for major legislations like CSRD and SECR.

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What data does Normative show?

After using Normative to calculate your emissions, you’ll be able to see a visual representation of your carbon footprint, broken down by source.

These sources are grouped in three categories, called “scopes,” which are defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

  • Scope 1 – direct emissions
  • Scope 2 – indirect emissions from energy generation
  • Scope 3 – all other indirect emissions, including activities in the value chain

Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, explained

What emissions scopes are & how using them can help your company do its part to fight climate change.

How does Normative support your carbon reporting?

With your carbon emissions calculations on hand, creating compliant carbon reports is as simple as sharing your numbers in the proper formats. For EU and UK-based companies, One-Click Reporting for CSRD and SECR further accelerates the process of meeting the emissions disclosures for these legislations.

You can also use Normative to create customized reports for stakeholders, investors, customer-facing sustainability statements, and so on.

To minimize the risks of non-compliance, begin carbon accounting today and keep your business ahead of the legislation.

Report. Reduce. Remove.

Normative guides you along the path to net zero emissions, from measuring, to reducing, to compensating the residual emissions – and provides compliance-grade reporting along the way.

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