Normative’s Carbon Accountability Report 2023 highlights emissions visibility challenges


Last updated: 4. Apr 2024

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The lack of carbon visibility in the value chain contributes to a gap between commitment and action.

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Normative has published the Carbon Accountability Report 2023, uncovering enterprises’ challenges in the transition to net zero. 

The report surveyed 200 EU and UK enterprise executives and sustainability decision-makers. The survey reveals the core of the challenge: 

Businesses do not have the carbon visibility needed to reach net zero.

This is especially true when it comes to the value chain emissions in scope 3, which account for around 90% of emissions for most businesses. 

Accounting for scope 3 emissions is vital for compliant reporting, greenwashing-resistant branding, and driving progress toward net zero.

However, the report shows that over 70% of the 200 businesses surveyed are not calculating scope 3 emissions – increasing risks and causing them to miss out on competitive advantages.

This report shines a light on the state of carbon accounting, and the carbon visibility challenges that are preventing businesses from taking impactful action.

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A selection of insights from the Carbon Accountability Report

  • 72% of respondents do not calculate scope 3 emissions.
  • 71% use ESG considerations when selecting suppliers.
  • 91% acknowledge the need to improve how they use carbon accounting data to reduce their environmental impact.
  • 47% want improved visibility into supply chain emissions.
  • 38% noted missed revenue opportunities due to low-quality ESG reporting.

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How can businesses make scope 3 carbon visible?

As covered in the Carbon Accountability Report, making scope 3 carbon visible requires businesses to parse their value chains to collect the data needed for carbon accounting.

Value chains can consist of thousands of suppliers spread across the globe, making this data collection cumbersome to do manually. To tackle the challenge of scope 3 effectively, businesses need solutions that enable them to collect and exchange primary emissions data from suppliers at scale.

Normative’s Carbon Network does just this, empowering businesses to connect with primary carbon data sources in their supply chain and embed that data in their own systems and planning – driving compliant reporting and verifiable emissions reduction.

The Carbon Network

With Normative’s Carbon Network, organizations can collect, work with, and share supplier carbon data to tackle scope 3 emissions.

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