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Last updated: 3. Apr 2024

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With the Carbon Network, businesses can source supplier data, uncover scope 3 emissions insights, and drive real carbon reductions

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As the world transitions toward net zero, ever-expanding carbon reporting requirements are putting pressure on companies to calculate their emissions. But reporting alone doesn’t guarantee progress toward Paris-aligned net-zero targets. Companies must take urgent action to reduce their carbon emissions – especially the scope 3 emissions from their suppliers, which account for nearly 90% of the average company’s emissions.

The latest addition to the Normative platform, the Carbon Network empowers businesses to dive into their scope 3 emissions more comprehensively, connect with primary carbon data sources, and embed that data in their own systems and planning – driving compliant reporting and verifiable emissions reduction.

Making supplier emissions visible

The Carbon Network helps businesses delve deeper into their scope 3 emissions by enabling them to collect, work with, and share supplier carbon data:

  • Collect carbon data – Scale data collection from suppliers and service providers that contribute to value chain emissions.
  • Work with carbon data – Report emissions compliantly, get increasingly responsive carbon insights, and integrate sustainability insights into business decision-making.
  • Share carbon data – Suppliers upload emissions data and other sustainability information to share with buyers, customers, and key stakeholders.

The network connects businesses with primary carbon data sources, such as their suppliers. This helps businesses scale data collection from suppliers and service providers, contributing to more accurate value chain emissions calculations.

With the improved insights they gain, these businesses can then strategically plan and implement the effective scope 3 reduction initiatives needed to meet net-zero targets.

Unveiling the Carbon Network

Learn how the Carbon Network is reshaping global supply chain sustainability in this announcement from Normative CEO Kristian Rönn.

Go to the founder announcement
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Connect to expert support

The Carbon Network is underpinned by Normative’s robust ecosystem of partners, including strategic partners like Nordea and Zurich Insurance Group. These organizations are engaged in driving decarbonization throughout complex value chains.

Carbon removal partners and ESG platform partnerships complement the ecosystem, providing comprehensive reporting with broad ESG metrics and detailed carbon data.

For businesses connected to the Carbon Network, this ecosystem means that they can seamlessly collaborate with experts on emissions reporting and carbon removal.

The Carbon Network accelerates progress toward global net zero

The Carbon Network will transform how large businesses approach carbon management. It makes value chain carbon emissions visible – turning scope 3 emissions management from an overwhelming prospect into a concrete challenge that can be solved through collaboration and actionable carbon insights.

Ultimately, the success of the global transition to a net-zero economy hinges on the ability of businesses to accurately account for and reduce carbon emissions. With the Carbon Network, businesses have a powerful solution to accelerate their decarbonization efforts and empower them to reach net zero.

Learn more about the Carbon Network

Go to the Carbon Network page


The Carbon Network is a solution that enables businesses to exchange primary data from suppliers and access climate expertise from consultants and service providers.

The Carbon Network facilitates the exchange of data between businesses and their suppliers with consistency, scale, and scientific rigor.

Businesses can use the Carbon Network to source supplier data, uncover scope 3 emissions insights, and drive carbon reduction.