2021: the year in review

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Last updated: 2. Apr 2024

We grew exponentially to keep pace with the growing challenge of climate change, helping more businesses account for their emissions & start on the path to net zero.

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Kristian Rönn

CEO & Co-founder

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For Normative, 2021 was a year of changes. I’ll get into those changes in a moment. But first, I want to highlight what hasn’t changed: 

We remain dedicated to reducing business carbon emissions. By doing so, we can minimize the effects of climate change and ensure that the planet stays livable for future generations.

That’s what motivated us to start Normative, and I believe that that’s what inspires new teammates to join our mission and new companies to embark on our path to net zero.

As we evolve, it will always be in pursuit of this mission.

2021 held growth, visibility, and support for our mission

Normative’s 2021 was marked by growth.

To keep pace with the growing interest in carbon emission accounting, we grew our team significantly over the year.

We received a €10 million investment from some of Europe’s most prominent climate investors. We also strengthened our board with the addition of Kasper Hulthin and Sierra Peterson, who have extensive experience with scaling companies.

This new momentum helped us spearhead climate discussions, putting carbon emission accounting on the map. Normative was featured on live news from Bloomberg and Sky News, in print media by The Washington Post and CNBC, and in a handful COP26 panels, including the New York Times Climate Hub.

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We were supported along the way by Google.org, who awarded us a €1 million grant and a Fellowship that sent a dozen Googlers to join us full-time for half a year, all in the name of helping us make carbon accounting accessible to companies of all sizes. 

With this support from Google, and in collaboration with the UN-backed SME Climate Hub initiative, we developed a free tool to help SMEs understand their carbon emissions – the crucial first step of toward reducing carbon footprints and reaching net zero emissions.

We also launched climate investment as part of our path to net zero, so businesses can now measure, reduce, and compensate their emissions all in one place.

And, to top it all off, Normative got a new visual identity, making our software more intuitive so users can easily understand their carbon carbon emissions.

What will 2022 hold?

As this year ends and we set our sights on 2022, we’re looking forward to continuing our exponential expansion as we scale to meet the growing challenge of climate change.

We will continue to develop our SaaS offering so that even more companies can access comprehensive carbon accounting, targeted emissions reductions, and high-quality carbon compensation on their path to net zero emissions.

We will use our growing visibility to keep the dialogue on climate change in focus, elevating the voices trying to inspire businesses to lead the way to a better future – a net zero future. And we’ll push back against greenwashing by setting the standard for truthful carbon accounting.

Our ultimate goal is to help the entire world go towards net-zero emissions, and in order for that to happen we need to make carbon accounting available to everyone. 

We can’t predict everything that 2022 will hold – but we can promise that we will continue to fight for those solutions.