Normative receives €10 million in funding to fight climate change

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Last updated: 4. Apr 2024

Normative has received €10 million to guide even more businesses along the path to net zero.

Headshot of Cassandra Julin

Cassandra Julin

Head of Global PR

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Kristian Rönn

CEO & Co-founder

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The current, mostly voluntary system of carbon accounting and reporting is a mess. Armed with incomplete or inaccurate data, companies are making mistaken claims about what they’re doing to cut emissions. Worse still, they’re taking actions based on misleading information. To reach net zero, companies need accurate and actionable carbon accounting.

This investment from Europe’s most respected climate investors means we can equip more businesses to achieve net zero.

It was important for us to have investors that not only talked the talk but also walked the walk. I’m proud to say that all of our investors share our core beliefs and have years of experience paving the way toward a more sustainable future.

The funding round was lead by ETF Partners and Copenhagen-based 2150, both of whose portfolios feature sustainable tech like carbon capture, green energy initiatives, and sustainable food production.

Also contributing to this funding round were LowerCarbon Capital – led by Chris Sacca, who has appeared as a “Guest Shark” on the US series Shark Tank – and two returning investors, ByFounders and Luminar Ventures, who contributed to our €2.1 million seed round in 2019.

We’re setting the norm so that all businesses can take responsibility for their carbon emissions.

I said earlier that every business needs to achieve net zero emissions. I also believe that most businesses want to achieve net zero. With these new funds – along with the support of our recent grant and Fellowship – we can reach more businesses, give them more accurate information, and empower them to reach net zero more quickly.