supports Normative with team of 11 Googlers to expand free carbon accounting engine

Since 2014, Normative has helped companies on their road to net zero emissions. Our emission accounting engine helps you get a clear view of the direct and indirect emissions, as the first step toward reduction. 

Today we are excited to announce that we were selected for a Fellowship, the first to be awarded to a Swedish organization. As part of the award, a team of 11 Google employees will join us full-time, pro bono for six months to help further develop the technical infrastructure powering the engine. Our joint goal is to offer it for free to small and medium-sized businesses through the UN-backed SME Climate Hub, an initiative encouraging small businesses to commit to Paris-aligned reduction targets and providing resources and education.

We know that it’s especially challenging for small businesses to understand, measure and report emissions — that’s why we want to create a tool that will make it easier for everyone to participate in the race to zero. It’s a race that humanity must win in order to avoid a climate crisis that will result in extreme human suffering. This support from the Fellowship means we’ll be able to see this idea come to life faster, and reach more businesses sooner.

The Google Fellowship award comes just months after Normative was selected as a grantee by Impact Challenge on Climate.

We are ready to get to work and want to welcome our teammates from Google to the Normative team and our journey towards net zero emissions.  

Read more about the Normative emission accounting engine here.