On-demand webinar · 21. Jul 2022

Unintentional greenwashing and how to avoid it

Good intentions and bad mathematics can lead to unintentional greenwashing.

    Recorded on July 20, 2022
    Many businesses feel the urgent need to minimize and report their carbon emissions.

    Expanding legislation means that more and more businesses globally have to disclose their emissions to stay compliant. Meanwhile, there’s growing demand from consumers for businesses to take demonstrable climate action.

    However, taking climate action is complicated even for businesses with good intentions, and some businesses make mistakes along the way – resulting in unintentional greenwashing, and all its consequences.

    In this webinar, Normative’s experts explained:

    • What exactly greenwashing is
    • The wide-ranging business consequences of uncovered greenwashing attempts
    • How to avoid falling into the most common greenwashing traps

    The speakers

    Moderated by Maria Rincon

    Headshot of Dr Alexander Schmidt

    Dr. Alexander Schmidt

    Head of Science and Climate Research

    Luzia Buchmann

    Climate Strategy Advisor

    Zmicier Vaskovich

    Climate Strategy Advisor