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Last updated: 2. Jul 2024

Kristian Rönn on Sky News

Media outlets are highlighting the business & sustainability benefits of our hyper-accurate carbon accounting.

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Carbon accounting has been at the forefront of the media and political agenda recently. This is partly due to emerging and expanding climate impact reporting legislation in the US, UK, and EU, which businesses will have to use carbon accounting to meet.

Late last month, we announced that we had raised €31 million in new funding to power the next generation of carbon accounting. In the media coverage surrounding our announcement, a new theme stood out:

Carbon accounting isn’t only about saving the planet or legal compliance – it also gives companies significant business advantages.

In this wave of media coverage, Normative has been spotlighted as a way for businesses to not only fight climate change, but to also seize business opportunities.

An increasing demand for accurate reporting

Bloomberg explained how Normative helps businesses meet the increasing pressure to report their accurate climate impacts.

Citing the stat that companies self-report an error rate of up to 40% when it comes to measuring their emissions, Bloomberg stated that “the need for more accurate reporting will only increase as the world moves toward a net zero economy.”

“Carbon Checker Normative Raises Funds From Billionaire Li, Blume”

Ian King Live with Kristian Rönn

Normative’s CEO Kristian Rönn returned to Sky News with Ian King to explain how the new funding will help Normative expand its accurate and comprehensive carbon accounting engine.

Normative keeps businesses compliant, competitive, and sustainable

Normative’s carbon accounting engine measures business carbon emissions using over 30 million data points, providing unparalleled accuracy and comprehensiveness.

By measuring a business’s complete carbon footprint, Normative ensures that the business can accurately report its climate impact to legislators, customers, and stakeholders – preventing the unintentional greenwashing that can result from incomplete measurements. 

These precise measurements also guide a business’s carbon reduction actions, empowering them to reach true net zero emissions.

Empower your business with the world’s most accurate carbon accounting

Normative’s carbon accounting engine calculate syour full carbon footprint, giving you the intelligence you need to take climate action, stay compliant, and seize business opportunities.

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