Normative CEO and Co-founder Kristian Rönn live on Sky News

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Last updated: 30. Jun 2023

Kristian appeared on Sky News to talk about how to fight greenwashing, the need for standardization, and the road to net zero.

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Normative CEO & Co-founder Kristian Rönn appeared on Ian King Live on Sky News to discuss what we can do to encourage standardization in carbon accounting and explain how accurate carbon measurements can prevent greenwashing.

Today there are several different voluntary systems for carbon accounting, but they differ widely in scope and reporting requirements, making it difficult to compare companies.

Emissions must be measured and reported in a standardized way so that we can compare the carbon footprints of different companies, helping investors make climate-friendly investments and guiding emissions reduction target-setting.

Moreover, many companies only report a fraction of their total emissions. For most companies, the majority of emissions are located in the supply chain (Scope 3), but these emissions are rarely accounted for. The lack of standardization makes it difficult, if not impossible, to compare different companies.

There’s no comparability, everyone calculates emissions in their own way. Some only look at electricity, others only at transportation, and end up only accounting for 10% of their total emissions.  It’s a bit similar to handing in your financial report on a napkin.

Kristian Rönn, CEO & Co-founder of Normative

In many cases, companies are acting in good faith, believing that they are taking appropriate climate action. Nevertheless, greenwashing is a real concern. To fight it, the first step is to standardize reporting, like the standardization that already exists for financial accounting. 

To account for your emissions you need to upload all of your transaction data and invoices into Normative, just like you do in your normal financial accounting system. Then we can go through it: from electricity, raw materials, transportation, travel, and assess the full carbon footprint of the company.

Kristian Rönn, CEO & Co-founder of Normative

Normative provides evidence-based calculations of your carbon footprint, making it easy for you to reduce emissions and continue the journey to net zero – because in the end, what gets measured gets managed. See how Normative can help your company reach net zero emissions with a free demo.