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Why sustainability is the future (and the present)


More than 71% of customers make purchase decisions with climate change in mind.


Companies that disclose climate data get up to 10% lower cost of capital.


Over 60% of millennials won’t work for a company that doesn’t take serious climate action.

What Normative can do for you

Full climate footprint

Normative calculates 100% of your climate footprint, including scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, following the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP). Account for your full value chain and track your progress over time.

Emissions hotspot analysis

Visualize your suppliers sorted by emission size and discover what purchases have the highest carbon footprint. Normative helps you prioritise actions and devise a net zero strategy.

Sustainability reporting

Report your sustainability data to comply with regulations and engage stakeholders like investors and customers. You can export your sustainability data in standard formats like GRI, CDP, and Nasdaq ESG, or choose customized metrics according to your sustainability policy.

Sustainability leaders measure their impact with Normative

How Normative works

Our emission accounting engine calculates your emissions based on your spend. Using advanced data analysis, Normative understands what products you purchased and calculates the corresponding emissions.

Export your data

Gather your financial data and upload them to Normative.

Let Normative calculate

Our emission accounting engine maps your transactions and calculates their carbon footprint.

Take action

Normative highlights your emissions hotspots and suggests initiatives with the greatest climate impact.

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