Actioning scope 3 emissions – challenges and success stories

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Addressing the value chain is critical

88% of a business’ emissions (across industries) come under scope 3, according to the CDP. This makes uncovering these value chain emissions a critical focus for businesses to remain compliant and on a path to reaching net zero.

In December, world leaders gather at COP28 to discuss the climate agenda. While some governments are slow to move toward their climate commitments, businesses continue to decarbonize their value chains and move towards net zero. This can be a complex area, and there is much we can learn from each other

A breakfast event to meet with peer experts and industry leaders

Join us for a morning of shared insights that will drive action and catalyze the net-zero transition.

We will address key questions like:

  • What should we see in the future when it comes to managing scope 3 emissions?
  • What role does data have in managing scope 3 emissions?
  • Who do we need on board to succeed?
  • How can CHROs and people-leaders use sustainability data to drive better decision-making and improve organizational processes?

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Niklas Rydberg headshot

Niklas Rydberg

Sustainability Lead, Business Banking Sweden at Nordea

Emelie Öhlander

Climate Action Program Manager at Ericsson

Headshot of Kristian Rönn

Kristian Rönn

CEO and Co-Founder of Normative

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