On-demand webinar · 28. Mar 2023

Carbon Calculation
for Finance

Learn how investors and asset managers can use carbon accounting to build a focused, resilient, and sustainable investment strategy.

Recorded on March 28th, 2023

Future-proof your investments

Financial institutions face increasing pressure to calculate their carbon emissions. New regulations in the EU and UK require auditable carbon disclosures from the finance sector, while customers are developing greater expectations for transparency from bankers and investors. Additionally, alongside their own disclosures, financial professionals need to collect climate data about the loans and investments they make in order to assess risk.

However, financial institutions – like private equity, venture capital, and asset managers – struggle with comprehensive and accurate carbon accounting. This is largely due to the complexity of collecting and processing data from their many assets and investments. To overcome this, financial professionals need solutions that automatically intake data and perform scientifically-rigorous calculations.

Webinar program

Watch the webinar to learn how carbon accounting can power green financial products, enable risk assessment in investments, and build brand equity with corporate and private customers.

The webinar includes:

  • An overview of the regulations and reporting frameworks impacting the financial industry, like PCAF and CSRD
  • What financial businesses need in a carbon accounting solution, with an in-depth look at category 3.15 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • A look inside the sustainability strategy of 2150 – a leading European VC and a Normative investor – to show how carbon accounting lays the foundation for a future-proof investment portfolio
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The Speakers

Moderated by Taylor Seidel – Product Marketing Manager at Normative


Dr. Alexander Schmidt

Head of Science & Climate Research at Normative


Riad Wakim

Climate Strategy Lead at Normative


Peter Hirsch

Head of Sustainability at 2150