On-demand webinar · 20. Jun 2024

How to create, validate, and achieve carbon reduction targets

Get the inside track on how to set and officially validate your carbon reduction targets – SBTi and beyond.

20th of June
15:00 – 15:45 CEST / 14:00 – 14:45 BST

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Validated targets inspire reduction

Ambitious yet achievable carbon reduction targets aren’t just for checking compliance boxes. They inspire action by aligning your business with critically important climate goals that resonate with investors, customers, and employees. But setting targets is one thing – validating and achieving them is another challenge altogether.

Where do you start on this journey? In our upcoming webinar, Normative’s experts and industry voices will provide a roadmap for setting effective targets, getting them validated through respected frameworks like the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), and executing on clear reduction plans to make those targets a reality.


Set, validate, and achieve targets

Join us to gain insights on using science-based methodologies to set ambitious carbon reduction targets that drive real progress. You’ll also learn how to get those targets validated by independent authorities and put a concrete action plan in place to achieve your goals over time.

  • Setting Effective Targets – Why targets matter, mandatory vs voluntary frameworks, and how to set realistic targets for your organization.
  • Submitting & Validating Targets – Overview of validation frameworks, including SBTi, and our recommendations.
  • Customer Story – Learn from the coffee company Matthew Algie’s journey in setting targets with Normative, the validation process, and future plans.
  • Meeting Targets – We’ll share how to plan reductions, verify impact over time, and recap Normative’s reduction features.
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Dr. Alexander Schmidt

Head of Science, Sustainability and Climate Research at Normative

Headshot of Luzia Buchmann

Luzia Buchmann

Senior Climate Strategy Advisor at Normative

Headshot Dr Eduarda Cristovam

Dr Eduarda Cristovam

Director of Coffee, Quality & Sustainability at Matthew Algie

Headshot of Amy Fordham

Amy Fordham

Sustainability Analyst at Matthew Algie