On-demand webinar · 18. Jun 2024

Net-Zero Policy Network: Mandatory transition plans

The next event of the Net-Zero Policy Network will provide latest updates on transition planning policies and frameworks.

June 18th 2024
16:30 – 17:30 CEST / 15:30-16:30 BST

Solar panels


The event will feature speakers from the Transition Plan Taskforce, companies writing and financing transition plans, and researchers studying the budding universe of transition planning rules as the next phase of net-zero regulation building on mandatory disclosure.

At the event we will ask ourselves as a network:

  • How do we mobilize the business and policy communities to make, mandate, and finance meaningful transition plans
  • What regulation and coordinated governance is underway to steer coordinated transition planning and implementation through the next critical decade?
  • How do we ensure transition planning aligns with credible pathways to net zero?

We are looking forward to hearing from our speakers and new members of our network on this topic!



Dr. Alexander Schmidt

Head of Science, Sustainability and Climate Research at Normative

Headshot of Kaya Axelsson

Kaya Axelsson

Head of Policy and Partnerships at Oxford Net Zero

Headshot of Jennie Dodson

Dr. Jennie Dodson

Senior Director at WBCSD

Headshot of Ira Poensgen

Ira Poensgen

Interim Team Leader at Transition Plan Taskforce

Headshot of Matilda Becker

Dr. Matilda Becker

Strategic Partnerships Manager at Oxford Net Zero