On-demand webinar · 27. Apr 2023

Turn carbon reporting into a net-zero plan

Reporting is just the beginning: use carbon calculations to power your net-zero journey.

Recorded on April 27th, 2023


    Carbon calculations are vital for effective net-zero work

    The journey to net-zero emissions begins with accurate, comprehensive carbon footprint calculations.

    After reporting emissions to meet regulatory or investor requirements, many businesses have detailed inventories of their greenhouse gas emissions. They can use this work to jump-start the next step in the net-zero journey: setting and making progress toward climate targets.

    In this webinar, our climate experts explained:

    • The legislative environment, as it relates to net-zero planning
    • How to create a net-zero plan using carbon calculations
    • How carbon accounting empowers your business to make progress toward net zero

    The speakers

    Moderated by Cassandra Julin, Head of Global PR at Normative.

    Delphine Froment

    Climate Strategy Advisor at Normative

    Headshot of Dr Alexander Schmidt

    Dr. Alexander Schmidt

    Head of Science and Climate Research at Normative

    Cassandra Julin

    Head of Global PR & Communication at Normative