We’re hiring as we grow to meet the planet’s most important challenge

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Last updated: 4. Apr 2024

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To meet the growing challenge of climate change – and mitigate its worst effects – we’re seeking new teammates to join us in reducing business carbon emissions.

Carolina Bardon Hagstedt

Head of People

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Any company would say its employees are smart, capable, and fun to work with – and Normative’s team members certainly are!

But we’re also driven by an unshakable sense of purpose, an urgency to act, and the motivation to devote our talents and energy to fighting the planet’s most important fight.

It’s a fight that we’re proud to be a part of, and one that will take an ambitious and worldwide effort. We’re expanding to meet the challenge.

We’ve grown rapidly in the past year, receiving support from Google.org and an investment from some of Europe’s top climate investors, launching a free tool for small businesses at COP26, and seeing our mission recognized by media on our side of the Atlantic and beyond it.

Now, we’re hiring even more new colleagues to join our global, driven team.

The Normative story

Normative is rooted in climate research and devoted to creating a net zero norm for businesses. 

We believe “what gets measured gets managed” – that to reduce carbon emissions, and thereby mitigate the worst effects of climate change, we first need to know precisely where those carbon emissions are coming from.

With that in mind, we created the world’s first carbon accounting engine as a way for businesses to measure, understand, and reduce their emissions. 

Today, companies of all sizes and industries trust our carbon accounting engine and our team of net zero experts to help them reduce their carbon footprint.

Who we’re looking for

We are a global team working to solve a global problem. We’re headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with an office in Copenhagen, Denmark and remote team members located all over the world, representing 22+ nationalities and speaking 20+ languages.

Every Normative teammate plays a valuable role in reducing business carbon emissions

Though this is what our team looks like now, it needn’t remain that way.

You may have heard of employers looking for “culture fits” – at Normative, we look for culture adds. In other words, we aren’t looking for someone exactly like us.

We’re looking for someone who has things in common with our existing team – like a deep belief that the world can be improved, and a strong motivation to improve it – but who brings their own unique perspective, skills, and flair.

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