On-demand webinar · 27. Sep 2022

Why it’s always carbon reporting season

Year-round carbon accounting helps your business stay compliant, avoid risk, and seize opportunities.

Recorded on September 27, 2022

Year-round carbon accounting helps your business avoid risk while creating business opportunities.

Most legally-mandated reporting is due in April, but the process should begin much earlier than that. Rushed reporting may become inaccurate reporting – which can result in allegations of greenwashing, financial consequences, and legal non-compliance.

In addition to mitigating these risks, carbon accounting is also a resource for building brand equity and discovering opportunities to innovate. These benefits have been overlooked by many businesses and there’s an early-mover advantage for businesses who start now.

In this webinar:

  • How sustainability initiatives can directly drive profit and facilitate cost savings
  • How proactive carbon accounting helps companies mitigate risk and seize opportunities
  • Real-world examples from how businesses have used carbon accounting to earn competitive advantages

The speakers

Moderated by Maria Rincon, Social Media Manager at Normative.


François Polarczyk

Partnership & Sustainability Manager at Accedo


Ryan Fagan

Director of Sales EMEA at Normative


Eline Wajon

Director of Climate Strategy at Normative