The Carbon Glossary: carbon accounting explained from A to Z


Last updated: 25. Mar 2024

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Normative’s Carbon Glossary helps you understand the complicated world of carbon accounting.

Dr Aron Vallinder

Scientific Writer

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The world of carbon accounting can be difficult to navigate at first, full of jargon and acronyms to decipher.

We created the Carbon Glossary to collect everything you need to know about carbon accounting in one place. 

Carbon accounting, explained

More and more businesses are turning to carbon accounting, which is the crucial first step toward achieving net zero emissions.

Carbon accounting is a complex field that comprises many areas – including a range of regulations and reporting frameworks, emerging technologies for atmospheric CO2 removal, and the underlying climate science.

See carbon accounting in action

Flying Tiger Copenhagen used carbon accounting to measure its emissions, identify high-impact reductions, and earn approval for its science-based targets.

Whether you’re new to carbon accounting or an industry veteran brushing up on your knowledge, the Carbon Glossary will help you decode its most frequently-used concepts, including:

  • the science behind global warming
  • the technical details of carbon accounting
  • carbon removal technologies
  • relevant pieces of legislation
  • various sustainability reporting frameworks 

The Carbon Glossary is continuously updated, ensuring that you always have the latest information about the rapidly evolving field of carbon accounting.

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