Enhanced carbon reduction features to accelerate your net-zero journey


15 May 2024

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Normative's latest release gives your business a detailed roadmap for reaching net zero

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You’ve calculated your business’s carbon footprint.

You’ve reported your emissions to your stakeholders and to regulators.

Now you’re looking ahead to reducing your business’s emissions, but you aren’t sure how to begin. Where in your operations or value chain can you find reductions? How can you ensure they will be both feasible and impactful? When should you begin implementing them?

Normative’s latest release enables you to identify decarbonization opportunities, quantify potential reductions, and establish timelines to meet your climate goals – with unparalleled precision and simplicity.

Chart your journey to net zero with confidence

With robust new emission reduction features, Normative is your decarbonization partner.

Embedded throughout the Normative carbon accounting platform, these reduction tools are powerful additions to your decarbonization toolkit.

Grounded in a granular and accurate carbon baseline, including scope 3 primary supplier data from the Carbon Network, Normative’s new features empower you to:

  • Visualize which business activities contribute most to your emissions, helping you understand your reduction potential and determine where to focus your decarbonization efforts.
  • Explore carbon reduction scenarios across various levels of your business – from individual products to entire departments – to empower stakeholders and tailor your strategy.
  • Set realistic goals, monitor your progress, and submit your climate targets for validation to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).
A screenshot of the new Normative carbon reduction features in action

Explore the new carbon reduction features

Examine your full carbon footprint and identify reductions in scopes 1, 2, and 3. Experiment with changes to business activities, material consumption, and other specific emissions sources to test their reduction potential. 

Explore potential changes to materials and business activities to see the impact of those changes on your carbon footprint. Powered by a database of 40,000 material and activity emissions factors, this tool will reveal a variety of tangible options that can spark operational changes – and real reductions.

Integrate your supplier reduction targets into your reduction scenarios to inform your scope 3 decarbonization plan. Collaborate with your suppliers to innovate and implement reduction opportunities.

Team up with Normative to reach net zero 

These latest emission reduction features only add to Normative’s established ability to bring businesses to net zero.

Normative’s carbon accounting has equipped thousands of businesses with detailed, actionable carbon insights. Our Carbon Network is trailblazing a new approach to collaborative supply chain carbon reduction. And our expert climate strategists spend every day helping businesses like yours calculate, report, and reduce their carbon emissions.

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