Determine your reporting requirements with the Carbon Legislation Tracker


10. Jan 2023

Eline Wajon

Head of Climate Strategy

Dr Aron Vallinder

Scientific Writer

Discover the mandatory reporting requirements, voluntary frameworks, and industry guidelines that apply to your business.

Eline Wajon

Head of Climate Strategy

Dr Aron Vallinder

Scientific Writer

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Carbon reporting legislation is expanding rapidly across the world. It’s tricky for businesses to stay on top of, and getting it wrong can result in harm to a business’s reputation – or even bring legal consequences.

That’s why we’re now launching the free Carbon Legislation Tracker: to help businesses stay compliant with carbon legislation in the EU, UK, and US. 

How it works

Using the Carbon Legislation Tracker is as simple as answering five quick questions about your business’s situation. Then, the Carbon Legislation Tracker shows you your results across:

  • Mandatory reporting requirements
  • Voluntary reporting frameworks
  • Industry-specific guidelines
  • Consumer trends 

The Carbon Legislation Tracker is continuously updated to deliver a real-time snapshot of the legislative environment.

Why do businesses need to report carbon emissions?

Carbon reporting is, for many companies, legally mandated – and the number of businesses covered will expand even further in the next few years.

Businesses that don’t comply risk hefty fines, reputational harm, and lawsuits. Additionally, non-compliant businesses may face the loss of government contracts, formal bids, or proposal requests.

Carbon reporting is both a requirement & an opportunity

But in addition to being a legal requirement, carbon reporting is also an opportunity.

Businesses, consumers, and investors have increasing demands for sustainable businesses. Meeting this demand, and proving it by going public with their results, allows companies to entice consumers, funding, and talent. 

The Carbon Legislation Tracker can help your business navigate the dizzying landscape of existing and upcoming regulations, minimize business risk, and meet demand – keeping you compliant and competitive.

How do I know if I need to report my business’s carbon emissions?

For a business, carbon reporting can be legally mandated by the country or region the business operates in, required by investors, or demanded by customers.

Our free Carbon Legislation Tracker will reveal your legally-mandated reporting requirements. It will also suggest relevant reporting frameworks and standards your business can use to meet climate disclosure expectations from investors and customers.

What are the main carbon reporting legislations?

There is a variety of carbon reporting legislation around the globe. Below, find some of the most widely-applicable reporting requirements:


Adopted by the European Commission in November 2022, the CSRD replaces and builds on the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) by introducing more detailed reporting requirements and expanding the number of companies that have to comply.

All large enterprises that do business in the EU – including those based outside of the EU – will need to disclose their emissions starting in 2024, including scope 3 value chain emissions.


The Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) is an EU legislation that aims to increase the transparency of sustainability matters among financial actors.

The SFDR applies to financial market participants and financial advisors within the EU, including asset managers, institutional investors, insurance companies, and pension funds.


The UK’s Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) policy requires organizations to share energy use and carbon emissions information in their annual reports. Its purpose is to widen the scope of energy and carbon reporting to a larger number of companies, and to encourage energy efficiency actions.

The SFDR applies to large enterprises, publicly-listed companies, and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs).

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