High-quality climate investment to help you reach true net zero emissions

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Last updated: 3. Apr 2024

Businesses can now measure and reduce their emissions, then compensate the residual – all in one place.

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Every day at Normative, we work with businesses who are truly determined to reach net zero emissions.

They want to reduce their carbon impact and contribute to the fight against climate change. They’re committed to fully measuring their emissions then reducing them as much as possible. And, when it comes to the final step of the journey – compensating their residual emissions – they want to do it properly.

The problem is, the still-young offsetting industry lacks standardization and regulation. So even companies that make good-faith attempts to compensate their carbon emissions can find themselves only offsetting a fraction of their actual emissions – unintentionally engaging in greenwashing, and putting themselves at reputational and financial risk.

That’s why we’re launching high-quality climate investment as part of the Normative path to net zero: businesses can now calculate their emissions, minimize them, and find trustworthy carbon removal, all within Normative.

Science-based climate investment

Our Carbon Removal Portfolio curates evidence-backed carbon removal and sinks that are vetted by independent experts.

The portfolio features a range of methods including biochar, enhanced weathering, bio-oil, and CO2 mineralization.

The carbon removal methods are chosen based on four key metrics:

  • Additionality – the climate investment will lead to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that would not have happened otherwise.
  • Permanence – the climate investment will result in a quantifiable piece of carbon being kept out of the air forever.
  • Double-counting – the same investment is not sold multiple times.
  • Leakage – the investment will not lead to negative consequences elsewhere.

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Beyond offsetting: using climate investment to reach true net zero

The key to using climate investment to achieve net zero emissions is that it must be used in tandem with reduction methods – businesses can’t simply offset their current emissions and call it a day.

To reach net zero targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, climate investment should increase as companies maximize their carbon removal.

The first step toward net zero is measuring all of your business’s current emissions. This includes not only your direct emissions – found in Scope 1 and Scope 2, as defined by the Greenhouse Gas protocol – but also your hard-to-measure Scope 3 value chain emissions.

After you understand your entire carbon footprint, you should begin minimizing it by starting with the highest-impact reduction actions. 

When you’ve reduced your carbon footprint to an absolute minimum, then it’s time to begin climate investment to compensate your residual emissions.

Reach true net zero emissions

With Normative, you can measure your entire carbon footprint and find emissions hotspots. Our climate strategists devise a reduction plan tailored to your needs – and a climate investment strategy to compensate what you can’t reduce.

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